Welcome to envision video! Our site provides you with a list of services we offer, a little history and contact information. Our site goal is to put pertinent information at your fingertips. However; we are in communications and would love to hear from you either by e-mail or better yet, give us a call!

Our Mission

envision video is committed to providing our clients with latest legal video technology and exceptional customer service. We keep up with advances in the video industry and were one of the first legal video companies in Minnesota to utilize digital video. In an age where poor service abounds, envision video knows the value of every customer and that standard is reflected in everything we do.


Contact us at:

e-mail: jayme@envisionvideo-legal.com

phone: 612-529-8613

Company Profile

envision video is owned and operated by Jayme Hogan of Minneapolis.  Jayme has been in the video industry for over 15 years.  She got her start with the city of Minneapolis, worked as a video editor and software trainer for an Edina based company and then in 1996 decided to strike out on her own. 

Jayme had been an expert witness in a civil trial and was so fascinated by it she decided to focus her video business on serving the legal community.  She constantly strives to provide the best value, quality and service to her clients.

In her free time, Jayme enjoys running marathons, rock climbing, attending plays and visiting museums. 




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